20 Minutes 1:1 Perfect Breitling Top Time Replica Watches With Alvaro Morte

On the occasion of the launch of the luxury US replica Breitling Top Time Triumph watches, the famous “El Profesor” of “La Casa de Papel” and ambassador of the Swiss brand granted us an interview.

It is under a radiant sun, in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse, that the mysterious and charismatic actor Alvaro Morte welcomes us. Unknown until a few years ago, the Spanish actor has become an interplanetary star – more than 12 million subscribers on his Instagram account – thanks to his role as “El Profesor” (“The Professor”) in the hit series “La Casa de Papel”.

Since 2017, Alvaro Morte has embodied the central element of the soap opera to more than 70 million viewers around the world and the mastermind of the team of masked robbers and dressed in red jumpsuits, who have also become international stars. His character, with an intellectual-nerd look, mystified by his famous little round glasses fascinates and exudes something very intellectual and cerebral through the episodes of “La Casa de Papel”, the fifth and final season of which was recently broadcast on Netflix . On the occasion of the collaboration between the high quality Breitling fake watches houses – of which Alvaro Morte is the new ambassador alongside Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and Adam Driver – and Triumph, who together unveil the best replica Breitling “Top Time Triumph” watches, a retro-vintage chronograph , “El Profesor” talks about this new partnership, his passion for watchmaking and his vision of time.

Le Point: Do you have a special connection with Swiss movements Breitling fake watches?

Alvaro Morte: These are indeed objects that have always fascinated me. When I was a child, my grandfather had a passion for repairing old collectible cheap Breitling copy watches. I remember his box full of small tools sitting next to the window where the sun’s rays streamed through. He spent whole hours there, the magnifying glass on the eye, to dissect all the cogs of his finds. For me, it was fascinating and so I learned to love these objects that must be taken care of.

Above all, replica Breitling watches for sale can tell a lot about us. From our style obviously, but above all from our way of being, of behaving and of our character. It’s something we have on our wrist all the time and I believe there is a real mental connection between the watch enthusiast and their watch.

Like with “El Profesor” for example?

Exactly. In the series, the Professor constantly wears a very old Swiss watch that belonged to his father. The character, very academic, perfectionist and methodical, maintains a very close relationship and a strong emotion with this object. I also wanted to keep this watch at the end of the filming of “La Casa de Papel”, but unfortunately, the production did not agree, a Spin-off project (spin-off series, editor’s note) being foreseen…

For you, what does your collaboration with the AAA Breitling super clone watches brand mean?

First of all, I am very honored to be a new 2022 Breitling replica watches ambassador, alongside other renowned actors whom I particularly appreciate, such as Brad Pitt and Adam Driver. The spirit of the brand, retro but modern at the same time, suits me and the collaboration was therefore tied naturally. It is above all a human adventure more than anything else.

Is time a luxury for you?

Absolutely. Already as an actor, having the time to be able to take care of yourself and have a life beside filming is a blessing. But as a human being especially, time is very precious. A few years ago, doctors diagnosed me with a serious illness. A cancerous tumor in a muscle. I was then told that I was going to die. At that precise moment, I said to myself that it was no longer a question of wasting a minute of my time. Even more, to waste other people’s time. I hate being late for example, it’s a very unpleasant feeling for me.

Is time management during a shoot important?

Obviously, this is fundamental. And on set, the clock is ticking non-stop. Until everything is perfect, we can’t leave the shoot. The schedules are very tight and if you lose time, it complicates everything and it becomes difficult to get by. For “La Casa de Papel”, we were thus obliged to shoot only at the weekend in an administrative building supposed to be the National Bank of Spain because during the week it was used by its occupants. So we had 48 hours to shoot and everything was timed to the minute.

How did the filming of the series go?

It was a very intense shooting especially on the fifth season. We had a huge responsibility to the viewers who were looking forward to this after an adventure of more than five years. Above all, and this is one of the peculiarities of this series, the plot progressed as the episodes progressed. The screenwriters adapted and wrote the script between each episode depending in particular on the reaction of the public. It was very stressful.

Today, how does it feel to have been in the shoes of “El Profesor”?

It is a great honor to have been able to play the role of the Professor for five seasons. A role that was decisive in the rest of my acting career. In any case, I enjoyed being in the shoes of “El Profesor”. It was a surprise for me, with each new scenario that arrived I had to completely slip back into my character. I grew up and learned a lot with him.

Besides “La Casa de Papel”, what are your favorite series of the moment?

There are a lot of them, but I tend to say “Succession”. A series intimately linked to the passion of the characters in a Shakespearean style that I appreciate. I recommend it to everyone. Then “Euphoria”, Sam Levinson’s event series. He tells us about this life of young lost high schools, something that we have already seen everywhere but with him, it seems so new. The shots are brilliant, each scene is a photograph.

Finally, do you have a character you would dream of playing on screen?

It’s a difficult question because there are so many characters that I would like to be able to interpret. For me, the perfect role would be a character who would mix modern cinema, theater and the great classics. I don’t think of a specific era in particular, but if it all connects, it’s the ideal role. I am thus thinking of a great historical figure in Spanish or even Greek history. The future will tell us I hope.

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