48MM Oversize Breitling Super Avenger 01 Fake Watches With Black Dials For Strong Men

The Super Avenger 01 watches are carried with self-made Cal. B01 and belong to a limited edition of 100 pieces in total. If you look into the models, you will be interested in them. Most loyal fans are attracted by the strong Breitling Avenger replica watches. The excellent wrist accessory is carried with high-performance “engine”. The Calibre B01 is self-winding mechanical movements with 47 jewels. The Swiss movements with COSC certifications can provide over 70-hour power to the whole functions.


The models also have remarkable solid appearances. The 48mm steel cases with unidirectional rotating ratcheted bezels are very powerful. The solid cases also have a good waterproofness reaching 300m deep. Their black dials are applied with white luminescent designs. So people can see the time clearly in the dark situations. The three sub-dials and a date indicator are used for the complicated functions. The scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire glasses can offer a full protection to the delicate dials.

The black dials have some red colors. So they look more energetic and lively. Breitling copy watches with automatic mechanical movements have such big cases with solid steel. And their case backs are engraved with Breitling pin-up lady patterns. The whole impression of the timepieces is strong and decent. And the limited-edition watches have many unique and particular characteristics. Lots of collectors want to buy them as collection.

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