Erling Haaland On His Favourite High Quality Breitling Replica Watches And Netting A New Role As Breitling Ambassador

Before Erling Haaland came along, the prospect of a player scoring 15 goals in their first nine Premier League matches was unthinkable. To be honest, it still seems unthinkable, but that’s Erling Haaland down to a tee. Last week, he set a record for scoring 28 goals in 22 Champions League matches. It feels like the 22-year-old Norwegian is breaking records and setting ones of his own every time he steps out on the field.

In order to cut it at the top in football though, you need strong AAA Swiss Breitling replica watches game too. Unsurprisingly, Haaland has that in his locker as well – he’s a self-confessed watch freak. Seen over the summer wearing all kinds of impressive horological classics, Haaland is known to be a “big fan” of cheap Breitling fake watches.

The powers that be at best replica Breitling watches– namely CEO and big football fan Georges Kern – clearly heard about Haaland’s love of its aviation-inspired icons because it’s made the signing of the year by announcing Haaland as the newest addition to its All-Star Squad.

“If you know my style, you know I always go for a clean look,” says Haaland, “and the new perfect Breitling copy watches I’m representing is exactly that: a watch that works for everything that I do. I can’t wait to introduce it next month and to finally wear it myself.”

About his marquee signing, Breitling CEO Georges Kern says: “Erling Haaland is exactly what we look for in a squad member. He is the absolute embodiment of Swiss movements Breitling replica watches’ casual and inclusive luxury – he’s a powerful performer, he’s got tremendous character and he’s completely authentic and down to earth.”

Ahead of the announcement of the new top US Breitling replica watches Haaland will be the face of, we caught up with him to find out how much of a watch freak he really is.

Congratulations on this new role, you’ve certainly hit the ground running in the UK. What is your first memory of playing with a watch, or owning a watch?

I have always been a fan of China fake Breitling watches, I like to follow the fashion, the new trends and at the same time I appreciate historical models too.

Are you a one-watch person, or do you like to wear different models for different occasions?

Rather than changing my 2022 replica Breitling watches according to events, I like to wear the same watch for a while and then change. But it is true that on special occasions I wear a particular watch.

Breitling’s all-star squad certainly lives up to its billing – what is it about Georges Kern and his take on best quality Breitling super clone watches that you respect so much?

His vision and mission for the brand is incredible. I can do nothing but respect his greatness – we all know it takes good leadership and determination to be able to attain such procurement.

Breitling’s squads also demonstrate the significance of being a valued member of a team. What do you learn most from being part of a team?

Personally, I enjoy being part of a team! Don’t forget that football is all about teamwork! It is often the cohesion of a group, bringing in different skills, but aiming for a common goal that helps to obtain the victories that we all fight so hard for.

You are already widely revered for being a formidable character on the football pitch. Which Breitling replica watches paypal do you think best match your personality?

It is very hard for me to choose because each and every Breitling model represents something special. The Navitimer is one of the most recognisable watches ever made and is on collectors’ lists as one of the greatest watches of all time. The 1:1 online fake Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute watches even made it to space in 1962, which I think is magnificent. From the time the company was founded it never stopped innovating and that aligns very well with my personality because I always believe in improvement.

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