Interview With Georges Kern With Swiss Luxury Fake Breitling Watches

You are launching the best replica Breitling Navitimer B01 SWISS Limited Edition watches in partnership with SWISS, and you said that you see in SWISS a dimension of Swiss culture.

Indeed, in my opinion, SWISS is part of the Swiss culture. There is an affinity, a sensitivity, around this airline which is quite exceptional. There is a very strong emotional attachment and SWISS is an element that conveys the image of our country. Everyone appreciates the quality, everyone knows that it’s top of the range, that the service is excellent, just like chocolate and high quality Breitling fake watches! This reflects our ability to export Swiss values to the world.

Coincidentally, SWISS is celebrating its 20th anniversary and you are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the 1:1 cheap Breitling Navitimer replica watches with this new collaboration.

As we have indeed relaunched the top US Breitling Navitimer copy watches this year, we wanted this new SWISS limited series to be about this collection. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, Breitling worked with a dozen airlines as official timekeeper in civil aviation, and we still partner with some of them. SWISS is an iconic airline and an important partnership for us, which was confirmed in the spring when their planes carried 650 journalists and retail partners to present the watch in Geneva.

Nowadays, why is the pilot’s watch such a dream? What attracts the general public to a pilot’s watch?

Obviously, it’s no longer about the function. People don’t use the slide rule any more to do calculations. But it is iconic and absolutely fundamental to maintain and keep the spirit of the watch of the time because it is part of the identity. We are in the analogue industry, for us it is about the craftsmanship, it is about real values. And it is unthinkable to have a Navitimer without its functions even if people don’t use them. It’s like diving Breitling replica watches for sale, almost no one is going to dive to 200 metres. It’s the escape, the dream, the emotion, the identification with the performance of pilots for 80 years.

We are almost at the end of the year, what do you remember about 2022 for Breitling?

It was a record year for perfect Breitling fake watches and the brand is doing very well. But the last three years have seen Covid, the war in Ukraine, the lockdown once again in China, and now the first signs of recession and energy shortage — I’ve never experienced anything like this in my 25-year career. In my opinion, our products are the most beautiful ones on the market and I think the values we convey are the ones that customers respond to. The stories we tell are relevant and fuel the imagination, so it works. But there are very few brands in the watch industry that are similarly successful and we are observing more and more concentration on a few brands.

Where can you find Swiss movements replica Breitling watches today?

Our sales network has about 1,500 retailers and over 200 Breitling boutiques. We have opened nearly a hundred of them this year.

Will you exceed your watch production targets this year?

What is certain is that we could have sold much more, but we don’t have the production capacity to meet that demand. AAA Breitling super clone watches is growing linearly, but the kind of industry we are in, requires longer adaptation phases, such as the purchase of machines that can take years to be delivered, not to mention the training of staff. We can increase our production capacity, but it can only be done in stages. We are limited by these factors.

There has been a lot of talk recently about certified pre-owned (CPO) watches, where does Breitling stand on this issue?

The second-hand market is gigantic, precisely because mechanical replica Breitling watches wholesale have a real value and they are not obsolete after a couple of years, but kept forever. There is an emotional attachment to our watches. We offer customers to take back their old models if they wish so and refurbish and entrust to partners in the secondary market. So it is indeed a market that is growing and that retailers are also increasingly occupying. We are thinking about the best approach.

What are the priorities for Breitling in 2023?

Our strategy has proven right and we will continue on this path. We simply have to do more and even better than what we are doing today. Fake Breitling watches store online is about excellence, perfection, quality and history. We are entering an era of maturity and we need to highlight our heritage and the back catalogue much more.

What is Breitling’s position on Watches And Wonders and the appeal of a major Geneva salon?

A new foundation has been created (Watches and Wonders Geneva Foundation), of which Mr Jean-Frédéric Dufour (Rolex CEO) is the president. I have always been in favour of a major event for the sake of the watch industry. Watchmaking is part of Switzerland’s know-how and the idea of getting together for cultural reasons, makes sense. We don’t need a fair to sell Breitling replica watches for men in a digital world, especially as we already present our products several times a year. But having a presence alongside the other brands in this context makes sense to me.

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