Jeremy Clarkson sports a bright-dialled best fake Breitling for Clarkson’s Farm Season 2

Jezza is a man best-known for his ridiculous, seemingly off-the-cuff metaphors when describing everything from wringing the neck of the latest Ferrari around an empty airfield to the experience of shearing sheep. Today’s model is a perfect replica Breitling. Saying a Mercedes: “…sounds like Barry White eating wasps” is a personal favourite. His farming show, Clarkson’s Farm, has showed his softer side, accepting his own limitations as a human being. Having purchased the land in 2008, the eventual retirement of the farmer that he hired for the upkeep pushed him to try and maintain the land himself. As you may have assumed from his previous comments about being allergic to manual labour – the downs were many and the ups few.

While an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean seemingly served him well in the first series, the second season of Clarkson’s Farm sees him adopt a rough-and-ready cheap fake Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12H. Despite its enormous 50mm diameter and thickness of 16.97mm, its proprietary Breitlight composite construction makes it weigh in at only 70ish grams. It does lose out on some water resistance of its Season 1 counterpart, going from 600 metres to 100 metres, though I’m sure it’s still sufficient for The Orangutan’s cultivating needs. Powered by a Breitling 01 calibre, Swiss made replica Breitling does feature a chronograph, which I assume would be useful for timing… stuff..? Jeremy’s quick wit may have come in handy there.

Interestingly, he’s worn the same aaa quality fake Breitling at the premiere of the first season, deciding to commit to it for the second running. Furthermore, you can check out even more of Clarkson’s collection below, from the early Top Gear days, to the latest episodes of The Grand Tour.

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