Swiss Replica Breitling’s First Fully Traceable Luxury Watch Just Got an Added Boost of Blockchain Technology

Last fall, perfect replica Breitling introduced the Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins as its first first-ever fully traceable watch. The model showcases lab-grown diamonds as well as a case constructed of artisanal gold sourced from accredited suppliers. Along with this release, Swiss made fake Breitling also introduced end-to-end traceability of its precious materials and a promise to feature better gold and better diamonds in its entire product portfolio by 2025.

Today, AAA super clone Breitling takes its traceability initiatives to the next level in partnership with Sourcemap, the pioneer of supply chain transparency and traceability software, and Arianee, the leading web3 consumer engagement platform for brands. Thanks to Sourcemap’s first-of-its-kind supply chain mapping technology and Arianee’s web3 consumer engagement platform, 1:1 replica Breitling customers can now obtain proof of provenance for the gems and precious metals of their watches.

“With #SQUADONAMISSION To Do Better, luxury replica Breitling is on a mission to achieve product traceability and transparency while enabling social and environmental impact across the supply chain, beginning with responsibly sourced artisanal gold and lab-grown diamonds. Our collaboration with Sourcemap and Arianee is helping us to reach this goal,” shares Aurelia Figueroa, Swiss movement fake Breitling’s global head of sustainability.

The partnership will kick off with the cheap fake Breitling Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins, making it the first traceable luxury watch. With the program, owners of the watch will gain access to a provenance record on a blockchain-backed NFT digital passport generated using Arianee’s technology that details the responsible measures taken along the supply chain for the watch’s artisanal gold and lab-grown diamonds.

The combination of Sourcemap’s verified raw material-to-consumer traceability technology and Arianee’s enriched and dynamic NFTs ensures products like the best quality copy Breitling Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins are guaranteed to be authentic and made with ethically mined precious metals and sustainable manufacturing processes. Arianee’s enriched NFTs also allow consumers to access a digital passport of their product, which they can use to prove ownership and acquire repair services. In addition, it allows brands to manage their product lifecycle while maintaining a direct link with the current owner and give them access to exclusive experiences and a new generation of loyalty programs.

“At Swiss movement replica Breitling, our main goal has always been to provide our clients the most beautiful products while offering them the best experiences and services possible. Combining Arianee and Sourcemap’s technologies with our savoir-faire enables us to add a layer of innovation to our brand,” adds Antonio Carriero, chief digital and technology officer at Breitling.

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